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  6. Apropos of Very Little: Enter the Hipster...and why buying old cameras from Dealers is a 'Good Thing'

    Thanks for liking my 3d work !! i really felt identified with the whole ebay buying thing. Got a Rollei 35, it looks like it works ok, but as soon as i put some film in it, it jams !! Anyway is so pretty i cant be mad at her, someday i’ll get her fixed. On the other side, im pretty active on my other blog I’ll start posting again here with Nimslo as soon as i get my film scanner out of the boxes (recently moved overseas) cheers


    Sad to say that my lovely spangly new Olympus Pen f has had some issues, mainly with a sticky shutter. Naturally this has made me rather despondent as I was looking forward to testing it out with a view to it becoming my go to compact street camera.

    Two things have sweetened the pill, however….

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  8. Pics taken by me, posted on the site of the theater play Familia Prohibida

    Pics taken by me, posted on the site of the theater play Familia Prohibida

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  12. wOnt wE ?


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  20. 3D Expo Barcelona… Projection & Lenticular Printing

    3D Expo Barcelona… Projection & Lenticular Printing

  21. ambammm said: im so curious how did u do the light writing in ur latest post ... i know how to do lightwriting with long exposure but you have me baffled.

    it’s just like you said

    Just Long Exposure ;)

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